A Dharma Discussion with James Burns for JB Podcast

February 21, 2022 | by Stephen Snyder

Thank you to James Burns for inviting Stephen as a guest for a wonderful dharma discussion on the inaugural episode of JB Podcast.

James’s thoughtful questions invited an interesting discussion about jhāna (absorption concentration), Four Elements meditation, and how the ancient Buddhist heart practices can lead to transcendent states arising within awareness and consciousness.

Other subjects of dharma discussion include:
00:00:45 – Books written by Stephen
00:02:00 – Stephen’s personal history
00:04:45 – The draw to Buddhism
00:08:15 – Turning away for unity
00:10:00 – Transpersonal theory
00:12:40 – Meditation as a householder
00:15:40 – Teaching meditation to children
00:17:45 – Perspectives on Christianity
00:20:20 – Stephen’s professional life
00:22:25 – Practicing the Jhanas
00:27:45 – Brahmaviharas vs. the breath for absorption
00:28:50 – Jhana mastery
And, much more! View the full interview above or on YouTube.