Love is essential to our inner unfoldment and to deepening our access to the Absolute realm. —from Buddha’s Heart

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Current Offerings

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Weekly Online Meditations

This group will explore practices of Innate Goodness, Silent Illumination, and Breath Awareness (ānāpānasati) meditation. Each 90-minute gathering will include guided meditation, short dharma talks, and time for questions and responses.
For more about these monthly gatherings or to register, have a look here.

Innate Goodness, Gratitude, and Forgiveness ~ Daylong

The Divine Abodes, or Brahmavihāras, are ancient Buddhist heart meditations, and related practices, that reveal and awaken our deepest nature’s heart qualities.
During this daylong, we will learn and practice the meditations, practices, and common resistances to Innate Goodness, Gratitude, and Forgiveness.
For more about these monthly gatherings or to register, have a look here.

Stress Reduction for Lawyers: Online Course

Explore the causes and effects of stress in legal professions and discover a powerful framework for learning to relax and be a more heart-based person–improving your professional and personal relationships.

The course includes guided meditation practices, supportive readings from Stephen’s book Stress Reduction for Lawyers, Law Students, and Legal Professionals, and optional exercises.

For more about the course, or to register have a look here.

This is a self-paced course, available for registration at any time. There is a one-time fee of $49 USD.

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