Love is essential to our inner unfoldment and to deepening our access to the Absolute realm. —from Buddha’s Heart

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Demystifying Awakening Released

Now available! Here’s what early readers shared about the book:

“A rich and beautiful resource for those called to deepen their exploration of Awakening and freedom.”
—Tara Brach, best-selling author of Trusting the Gold and Radical Compassion

“A unique and profound manual . . . that clearly and succinctly unveils the path, and process, of Awakening as practiced, lived, and taught by Stephen Snyder.”
—Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, NYT best-selling author of Unwinding Anxiety and The Craving Mind

“Stephen is a friendly, helpful, and sweetly encouraging guide. In his pages, you feel like you’re coming home to who you’ve always been: wakeful, loving, contented, and wise.”
Rick Hanson, PhD, NYT best-selling author of Neurodharma and Buddha’s Brain

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Monthly Online Meditations

This group will explore practices of Innate Goodness, Silent Illumination, and Breath Awareness (ānāpānasati) meditation. A 90-minute gathering the third Thursday of each month will include guided meditation, short dharma talks, and time for questions and responses.
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