Ceaseless freedom
Abiding in clarity
Unmanifest and manifest Absolute
Immaculate non-doing. —from Trust in Awakening

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Current Offerings

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Demystifying Awakening ~ A 6-Month Series

May – October 2023
Online, via Zoom
12-4pm US ET

This six-month mentoring program a wonderfully rare opportunity for dharma practitioners to deepen awareness and work with the common resistances to Awakening and realization, while opening to the profound awakenings possible in this kind of deep exploration with one-on-one support in a safe, holding container. To support this, the group will be limited in participation to maintain cohesion and intimacy.

Learn more: awakeningdharma.org/event/demystifying-awakening-mentoring/
Register: app.ruzuku.com/courses/88188/about

Accessing the Absolute ~ 2 Day

July 12th and 13th
Online, via Zoom
12-4pm US ET

EXPLORE: opening awareness to contact, and cultivate, qualities of the Absolute through meditations, practices, guided meditations and dharma talks.

Learn more: awakeningdharma.org/accessing-the-absolute-jul23
Register: app.ruzuku.com/courses/87939/about

Monthly Sangha Gatherings

Next gathering Thursday, June 8th
Online, via Zoom
3-4 pm US ET

This group will explore the teachings and practices featured in Stephen’s book Trust in Awakening.

Learn more: awakeningdharma.org/events/monthly-sangha-gatherings/
Register: awakeningdharma.org/monthly-reg/

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