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Current Offerings

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Demystifying Awakening Retreat

~ A Six-Night Residential Retreat ~

February 23–29, 2024
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Castle Rock, WA

Explore the process of awakening, our resistances, how it unfolds, what changes in us in, and after, awakening.

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Zen, Kenshō, and Koans

~ An online daylong Reteat ~
* Option for one-on-one Koan Interview with Stephen *

Saturday, March 9, 2024
Online, via Zoom ~ 11-4 pm US Eastern

Interviews, Sunday, March 10

Explore the history, function, and benefits of koans as spiritual practice and the relationship between koans and kenshō (awakening)

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Monthly Sangha Gathering

~ Join Anytime! Dana Based! ~

Next meeting March 14th, 2024
Online via Zoom

Join this online sangha for meditation practice and dharma reflection.

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What's New

5 Benefits to Taking a Meditation Mentoring Program

5 Benefits of a Mentorship Program with Stephen Doetsu Snyder

Stephen Doetsu Snyder offers yearly mentorships, rare opportunities to work one-on-one with an experienced practitioner and seasoned dharma teacher. You can learn more about his 2024 mentoring program, Soothing the Longing Heart, here more

The Italian Translation of
Buddha’s Heart

Cuore di Buddha [Italian translation of The Buddha's Heart] by Stephen Snyder

I am delighted to share that Buddha’s Heart is now available in Italian as Cuore di Buddha, thanks to the dedication of translator Andrea Magoni with Donatella Levi.

Here are some kind words from Andrea regarding the work on this translation:

It all started with a book. more

Wednesday Meditation with Rick Hanson

Wednesday Meditation with Rick Hanson, Ph.D. | Stephen Doetsu Snyder | Dr. Rick Hanson | To Register:

I’m looking forward to being a guest speaker for an online gathering on Wednesday, August 23rd from 5:45pm-8pm PT with my dear friend, psychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Rick’s work is focused on essential inner skills of personal well-being, psychological growth, and contemplative practice. more

Stephen’s interview on
The Adam Unger Podcast

The Adam Unger Podcast with Stephen Snyder

Adam Unger interviewed Stephen on his podcast to discuss:

  • Stephen’s experience as an attorney
  • the beginning of Stephen’s meditation practice
  • how to integrate spirituality into our work lives

You can view recording below or stream audio here:

Thank you, Adam for inviting Stephen to speak with you on The Adam Unger Podcast. more

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