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Stephen Doetsu Snyder began practicing daily meditation in 1976. Since then, he has studied Buddhism extensively—investigating and engaging in Zen, Tibetan, Theravada, and Western non-dual traditions. He was authorized to teach in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in 2007 and the Zen Buddhist schools of Soto and Rinzai in 2022. Stephen is a senior student of Roshi Mark Sando Mininberg.

Stephen’s resonant and warmhearted teaching style engages students around the globe through in-person and online retreats, as well as one-on-one coaching. He encourages students to turn toward their true nature and, with realization of their true nature, embody their true identity. Stephen is the author of four books, including Trust in Awakening, Demystifying Awakening and Buddha’s Heart. He also co-authored Practicing the Jhānas.

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Demystifying Awakening
Define how practice leads to Awakening and the common resistances to Awakening

Buddha’s Heart
Learn ancient heart meditations and how to apply them to your benefit in daily life.

Serenity and Stress Reduction
Identify the causes of stress and cultivate practices for stress reduction.

The Brahmavihāras
Explore the Brahmavihāras, ancient Buddhist heart practices of mettā, karunā, muditā, and uppekhā.

Accessing the Absolute
Cultivate qualities of the Absolute through practices, meditations and dharma talks.

Stephen is crystal clear as a teacher. He can share matter-of-factly from his real-time connection with the Absolute, and draw others into that relationship. He’s funny, warm, practical, accepting, and incredibly skillful.
—Rick Hanson, PhD,
NYT best-selling author of Buddha’s Brain

Through clear and careful elucidation and instruction, Stephen brings these universal and timeless teachings to life.
—Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, NYT best-selling author of Unwinding Anxiety

With skill and compassion, Stephen invites a surrendering into the formless, luminous presence that is our true home.
—Tara Brach, best-selling author of Radical Compassion

Teaching & Speaking Inquiries

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