Stephen’s New Monthly Sangha Gatherings

January 13, 2023 | by Stephen Snyder

Beginning Thursday, February 9th, Stephen will offer a new Monthly Sangha Gathering. This group will explore the teachings and practices featured in Stephen’s book Trust in Awakening.

Each month’s gathering will focus on one stanza from the book. There will be a short talk and then practice focusing on the territory of the Absolute that the stanza is pointing toward.

This gathering will be offered on a danā (donation) basis. Participants’ contributions are warmly welcomed and sustain the ongoing offering of these practices.

Dates for the coming months are:

February 9th ~ March 9th ~ May 11th ~ June 8th
July 6th ~ September 7th ~ October 12th

12:00 pm US PST / 3:00 pm US EST, for 90 minutes.


QUESTIONS: please write to