Absolute Peace Meditation

Awakening: A Conversation with Rick Hanson

September 2021: Innate Goodness Meditation

August 2021: Innate Goodness Meditation

July 2021: Concentration (Ānāpānasati) Meditation

June 2021: Continuity in Breath Awareness Practice

May 2021: Innate Goodness Meditation

April 2021: Concentration Meditation

March 2021: Brahmavihāras Meditation – Compassion

March 2021: Innate Goodness Meditation

March 2021: Introduction to Concentration Meditation

February 2021: Brahmavihāras Meditation – Equanimity

February 2021: Innate Goodness Meditation

February 2021: Introduction to Concentration Meditation

Gratitude: Guided Meditation

Innate Goodness: Instruction and Guided Meditation

GuruViking–Steve James

Buddha’s Heart with Stephen Snyder

In this interview Stephen discusses his new book Buddha’s Heart, a modern presentation of the brahmavihāras, or Buddhist heart meditations, from the perspective of Absolute Reality/ Awake Awareness.

GuruViking–Steve James

Coronavirus Pandemic Special Edition with Stephen Snyder

In this free video dharma talk, GuruViking Steve James talks with Stephen Snyder, about the Coronavirus Pandemic. Topics include limiting media consumption, anapanasati meditation, equanimity meditation, and self-care.

Interview by Iain McNay

Stephen Snyder ‘The Transformative and The Transcendent’