Weekly Online Meditation Group

This group will explore practices of Innate Goodness, Silent Illumination, and Breath Awareness (ānāpānasati) meditation. Each 90-minute gathering will include guided meditation, short dharma talks, and time for questions and responses. More about each of these practices below.

WHERE: Online, through Zoom, with Stephen Snyder.

WHEN: Weekly on Thursday at 12:00 pm US PST / 3:00 pm US EST, for 90 minutes.

FEE: Offered on a danā (donation) basis. Your contributions are warmly welcomed and sustain the ongoing offering of these practices. You can offer dāna here:

ZOOM ACCESS: Instructions will be emailed the day before each weekly gathering.


QUESTIONS: please write to

Innate Goodness connects us with the unconditioned goodness of our true nature/ true identity. Innate Goodness offers us a buoyancy and support for working with the personality patterning/ self-identity habits that support the customary self-identity.

Silent Illumination meditation is an ancient practice. It connects us to the warm innate goodness of our true nature while deepening that very connection. The meditation also dissolves the conceptual barriers that separate us from others, from the world at large, and from the undivided wholeness of the Absolute realm. It connects us to the undivided unity or wholeness that is a fundamental reality.

Breath Awareness (ānāpānasati) meditation, also called concentration or tranquility meditation, is a foundational practice that unifies the mind by focusing on a solitary meditation object. In focusing on one object, our mind can deeply relax. This meditation intensifies our connection with the transcendent, mysterious properties of our deeper nature.

General Mentoring and Guidance Inquiries

If you have very simple questions, Stephen may be able to respond to these briefly by email. Visit the Contact page to send an email.

For more extended or ongoing inquiries, Stephen offers individual spiritual guidance / coaching sessions. The focus of these sessions is your spiritual practice and how it informs your worldly life. Because Stephen is also trained as a  professional coach, he can also offer you tools with which you can further understand your personality structure and how it both supports your practice, and also manifests as hindrances.

Spiritual guidance is offered via Zoom, Skype, or phone for either 30 minutes or 1 hour, as needed or on a regularly scheduled basis. Regularly scheduled calls can be every two weeks or monthly. One-on-one sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $150 to $85 per hour. For half an hour, the fee is $70 to $50. Payment is made in advance via PayPal, using the button below. Please enter the amount appropriate for your session.

Stephen also offers one-on-one guidance for solo retreats of up to 2 weeks in length. In order to request solo retreat guidance, please email first to check availability (using the Contact page). Stephen does not offer one-on-one guidance for solo retreats of more than 2 weeks in length, unless you have previously participated in 2 or more 2-week retreats.