The Italian Translation of
Buddha’s Heart

September 5, 2023 | by Awakening Dharma

I am delighted to share that Buddha’s Heart is now available in Italian as Cuore di Buddha, thanks to the dedication of translator Andrea Magoni with Donatella Levi.

Here are some kind words from Andrea regarding the work on this translation:

It all started with a book. A thin volume with an unassuming cover that I discovered by chance among hundreds of other books in a local Italian bookshop. It was Practicing the Jhānas. It gave me the motivation to follow Stephen’s teaching and invite him to lead many retreats in Italy. I translated Buddha’s Heart for the same purpose. Such a precious book will be a source of inspiration and change for many Italian readers. The book is a wonderful gift, a light in the dark, an invitation to mend our broken hearts at a time when this is much needed. I thank Donatella and Giulia for their help in translating the book, Jazmin for taking care of the graphics, and Carra for managing the project with care and dedication. My deepest gratitude goes to Stephen for his endless commitment to foster awakening in his students.

Thank you, Andrea, for your words, works, and heart.

You can purchase the book here, on Amazon, and on The ebook will be released in late September 2023.