Stephen Doetsu SnyderStephen offers one-on-one spiritual guidance and coaching sessions. The focus of these sessions is your spiritual practice and how it informs your worldly life. Because Stephen is also trained as a professional coach, he can also offer you tools for understanding your personality structure and how it both supports your practice, and also manifests as hindrances.

These one-on-one sessions are offered via Zoom or by phone as needed or on a regularly scheduled basis. Regularly scheduled calls can be every two weeks or monthly. Sessions are offered in one-hour or half-hour appointments with a sliding scale fee schedule.

Stephen also offers one-on-one guidance for solo retreats of up to two weeks in length. Stephen does not offer one-on-one guidance for solo retreats of more than two weeks in length, unless you have previously participated in two or more two-week retreats.

If you have very simple question, Stephen may be able to respond briefly by email.

To inquire about any of these offerings, please visit the Contact page to send an email via the provided form.