Retreats & Teaching

Dharma Talks and Retreats Upon Request at Your Location

Stephen is available to give dharma talks or lead retreats at your location. For a sample of dharma talks, or to view videos, please visit the Talks page. If you or your sangha are interested in organizing a retreat or dharma talk for Stephen to lead, please contact him directly as found on the Contact page.

What students have said about Stephen’s retreats:

“I’ve deepened my practice more than ever, due to the clarity of the teaching.”

“My faith in Buddhism has been deepened to a degree previously unimaginable, but is tempered by a profound sobriety of mind and wisdom. Every word of the dharma talks penetrated the core of my being and accelerated my practice.”

“If I was to describe this to a friend, I would call it ‘Jedi mind training!’”

“I have seen more changes in myself from two years of concentration practice than in the previous 20 years of various meditation practices.”

“It will rock your world!”

“I feel more confident in my approach to the Anapanasati / samatha practice, and how to navigate the varied terrain as well.”