Zen Precepts Exploration
A Four-Part Series
Offered by Zen Dharma Holder Stephen Doetsu Snyder

Date: September–December 2023


Online, via Zoom


Four Sundays
September 10th ~ October 15th
November 5th ~ December 10th

12–4 pm US Eastern time

$120 Subsidized ~ $240 Sustaining ~ $480 Supporting

Zen Precepts Exploration

The Zen Buddhist precepts are wholesome guides for Awakened living. Each precept points to ways of viewing our behavior, as well as furthering the functioning of the Absolute.

In this four-part online retreat series, we will read, review, and reflect upon the layered meanings and personal application of each Zen Buddhist precept. The focus of the program is to reveal the multi-layers of meaning each person can discover when relating to a particular precept and how we can incorporate the precept into our living more directly from truth, while leaving as little karmic wake behind us on our journey.

The format of the retreat includes:

  • talks, instruction, and guided meditation practices
  • group discussion on the precepts and experiences
  • opportunity for question and response with Stephen
  • three-month access to the retreat recordings

Investment: Suggested contribution of $120, $240, or $480.
Register Now: app.ruzuku.com/courses/89252/about

Next Steps:

In early 2024, Stephen will be offering Jukai—the giving and receiving of the precepts to students. This would be a requirement for anyone wishing to take Jukai with me starting next year.

Jukai is a ceremony of receiving the precepts, joining the Zen lineage with Stephen and confirming the ongoing personal student-teacher relationship with Stephen, while receiving a dharma name from Stephen on your hand-sewn rakusu.

Those interested in Jukai should contact Stephen for a one-on-one appointment to discuss the timing and appropriateness of this ancient and sacred ceremony.

Stephen Doetsu Snyder is a retired attorney and a senior meditation teacher in the Buddhist Theravada and Zen traditions.  He is the author of Demystifying Awakening, Buddha’s Heart, and co-author of Practicing the Jhanas. He works with students worldwide as well as leading online and in-person retreat in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.