Demystifying Awakening Retreat
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, 2024

Date: February 23–29, 2024


Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Castle Rock, Washington, USA


INVESTMENT: $420/$510/$600 plus teacher dana

DURATION: 6 NIGHTS, Friday to Thursday

The retreat will include dharma talks on the process of awakening, our resistances, how it unfolds, what changes in us in, and after, awakening.

We will also learn and practice meditations that invite and support awakening, including ample time for questions and comments in the thorough, yet warmly accessible, style of Stephen Snyder.

This retreat will focus on: What is awakening? How does awakening work? What is our true nature? What is a 1st awakening? What happens after a 1st awakening? What other realizations are a potential of the path? What are the similarities and differences in the Zen and Theravada Buddhist models of awakening? Which meditations and practices invite awakening?

Stephen is the author of Demystifying Awakening: a Buddhist Path of Realization, Embodiment, and Freedom (March 2022), Buddha’s Heart, and Stress Reduction for Lawyers.  He is the co-author of Practicing the Jhanas. More about these books is available here.

Follow this link to hear Stephen and Rick Hanson in dialogue about Nibbana, the Unconditioned, Awakening, Identity and more.