The Brahmavihāras
A Ten-Day Retreat, Europe 2024

Date: April 2–12, 2024


Resort Lotus, on island Krk, Croatia.

This resort is within walking distance of a secluded, wild beach. Rooming includes private terraces offering relaxing sea views. With modern amenities, beautiful outdoor areas, a manicured Mediterranean garden, and a large swimming pool, you will have everything you need (and more!) for an unforgettable retreat.

For more information or to register, please email retreat organizer Tomislav Maric at

The Divine Abodes, or brahmavihāras, are ancient Buddhist heart meditations and practices that can reveal and awaken our deepest nature’s heart qualities.

During this retreat, we will learn these meditations and practices and explore common resistances to Equanimity (Upekkha), Compassion (Karuna), Empathetic Joy (Mudita), Unconditioned Love (Metta).

Entering into the Buddha’s heart—our deepest heart—through Equanimity establishes a foundation of connection and acceptance for whatever is in our perception or experience. This foundation is broadened through cultivation of Empathetic Joy—relaxing the perceived boundaries of separation and softening any sense of isolation.

Turning next to Compassion allows us to draw upon the deep acceptance of Equanimity and the undivided
connection of Empathetic Joy and find an ability to extend an inclusive holding for our suffering and the suffering of others.

Finally, we turn to Unconditioned Love—an expression of boundless love for ourselves and all beings. Unconditioned Love can then be transmitted from the deep acceptance of Equanimity, the connectedness of Empathetic Joy, and the deep tender holding of Compassion.

This retreat will be based on Stephen Snyder’s book, Buddha’s Heart. Participants are asked to obtain and read the relevant chapters of the book prior to the retreat.

The format of the retreat will include:

  • talks on True Nature’s heart qualities
  • instruction on the meditations and practices related to Equanimity, Compassion, Empathetic Joy, and
    Unconditioned Love
  • group discussion on the common resistances to these heart experiences
  • one-on-one interviews with Stephen

For more information or to register, please email retreat organizer Tomislav Maric at