Love is essential to our inner unfoldment and to deepening our access to the Absolute realm. —from Buddha's Heart

Current Offerings

Online Monthly Meditation Meetings

Stephen is offering three monthly sitting groups suitable for beginning to advanced meditators. The meetings will be 90 minutes with time for practice and Q&A.

1) Introduction to Concentration Meditation
A foundational meditation that unifies the mind and intensifies our connection with the transcendent, mysterious properties of our deeper nature.

2) Innate Goodness Meditation
Touching into, and cultivating, our innate goodness counteracts the ongoing pattern of negative self-talk.

3) Rotating meditation of the Brahmavihāras
These are the ancient heart practices of loving-kindness, empathetic joy, compassion, and equanimity.

Beginning in February 2021, the first three groups will be held February 22–24 at 3 pm US Eastern Time. These meetings will be offered on a dāna (donation) basis.

For more about these monthly gatherings or to register, have a look here.

Buddha’s Heart book and mentoring program

In 2020 Stephen wrote and published Buddha’s Heart: Meditation Practice for Developing Well-being, Love, and Empathy an original presentation of the 2,600-year-old Buddhist heart meditations, the brahmavihāras. In addition to easy-to-follow instruction for these meditations, the book investigates the common resistances to the heart qualities of our deeper nature and shares exercises to reveal and reduce those resistances.

Buddha’s Heart has received enthusiastic reviews from Dharma teachers and practitioners, Buddhist scholars, and psychologists and mindfulness specialists around the globe. Here is what a few early readers had to say:

For more about Buddha’s Heart, have a look here.

The mentoring program

Dovetailing with his new book, Stephen is pleased to offer a one-year mentoring program based on Buddha’s Heart. This will be an opportunity to take a deep dive into the heart of your true nature while gently working with resistances to your true nature’s heart qualities.

For more about the year-long mentoring program, have a look here.


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