Events Offered

Dharma Talks and Retreats

Stephen is available to give dharma talks or lead retreats at your location or virtually through Zoom or other online platforms.

If you or your sangha are interested in organizing a retreat or dharma talk, please Stephen directly via the the Contact Us page.

Non-dual Brahmavihāras Retreat

The brahmavihāras are an ancient Buddhist meditation practice for contacting and developing the heart qualities of our deeper nature.

In this retreat we will practice all four meditations—loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity. We will learn the meditations for each heart quality and spend a day on each brahmavihāra. These are cultivated to both heal our hurt and wounded life experiences as well as orient and relax our consciousness to receiving the naturally arising qualities of an enlightened heart.

These meditation practices will be presented from the perspective of a non-dual awake awareness. The qualities are naturally arising in awake awareness. This is our natural, unconditioned reality. Presenting the practices from this perspective supports us in seeing their inherent value and function outside our normal “self” perspective.